Creating a new forum in wp-admin

Creating a new forum via your wp-admin is simple:

  • Click "ForumWP" from your WordPress Dashboard menu
  • Click "Forums"
  • Click "Add New Forum"
  • Enter in a Title and Description (optional) for the forum

After doing this you can review the various forum options which are detailed below before creating the forum.

Forum settings

Status: This setting allows you to specify how users can interact with the forum

  • Unlocked - If a forum is set to unlock, users will be able to create topics and replies
  • Locked - If a forum is set to lock, users will not be able to create topics or replies

Visibility: This setting allows you to specify how the forum appears on your site:

  • Public - If you set the forum to be public anyone will be able to view the forum on your site.
  • Private - is visible only for the forum author and blog administrators or users with 'read_private_fmwp_forums' capability
  • Hidden - is visible only for the blog administrators in the wp-admin forums list

Forum styling

ForumWP provides the ability to assign an icon to a forum using Font Awesome icons. The forum icon will appear when viewing a list of your site's forums. This is optional. You can choose to have no forum icon or you can upload a forum image instead.

Icon class: This is where you enter the class of the icon you wish to assign to the forum You can find the icon names on this page

Please note: the plugin only supports free Font Awesome icons. Pro icons are not supported.

Forum categories

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