Permalink is short for “permanent link”. Permalinks are permanent URL structures used to help organize the content of your website (pages, posts, forums, topics, etc.) so it can be efficiently navigated, shared, and referenced by users and bots.

Permalink settings for ForumWP can be found at WordPress Admin> Settings> Permalinks

From here you can configure the URL structure for your forum and topics pages.

For best practice, permalink structures should contain keywords relating to the content they help categorize.

Warning: Do not set permalink values the same as you have existing pages slugs at your website, as this will not be unique and will cause a conflict.

Note: Permalink settings should NOT conflict between themselves. If you set forum permalink to "forum" for example, you should NOT set the topic permalink to "forum" too, as this will not be unique and will cause a conflict. WordPress requires something unique so it can distinguish forums from topics. The same for categories and tags.

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