2.0 Update

With ForumWP 2.0 we are changing the structure and releasing a free version of the plugin onto the WordPress plugin directory and replacing the existing versions of ForumWP with a Pro version.

To properly transition to this new structure, you need to follow the steps below once you see the ForumWP 2.0 update available in your wp-admin.

1. Make a full backup of your site. If any unforeseen issue occurs during the update then you will be able to restore your site to its pre-update state.

2. Deactivate ForumWP and ForumWP - Plus Modules plugins. Then click the update now link to run the update of the ForumWP plugin.

3. Download and install the Pro version of ForumWP which includes all the modules "ForumWP - Pro". You can download the Pro plugin via your account page.

4. You can then activate both ForumWP and ForumWP - Pro plugins.

5. After activation, you will see a notification about the need to run scripts to update data in the database. This is for backward compatibility so that your current data has the 2.0 version structure. Just click the "Run" button and wait for the upgrade to finish.

6. ForumWP - Plus Modules plugin can be deleted from your website as it is no longer necessary and is no longer supported. All modules have been moved to ForumWP - Pro plugin.

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