Installation and activation

You can install the ForumWP core plugin from the plugins library as any usual plugin:

  • login to the site as administrator;
  • go to the menu Plugins > Add New;
  • type the "ForumWP" in the search bar;
  • find the "ForumWP – Forum & Discussion Board Plugin" in the search results and click the Install Now button;
  • click the Activate button once the plugin is installed;
  • click the Create Pages button in the top notice to automatically create pages needed for the plugin to work;
  • (optional) install and activate the Ultimate Member – ForumWP forum integration plugin if you want to integrate the ForumWP plugin with the Ultimate Member plugin. This is a free extension.
  • (optional) install and activate the ForumWP - Pro plugin if you need more features. This is a paid extension, see features and pricing.


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